How does it work...?

Welcome to our on-line dolls house and miniature store, where you can purchase our products.
All orders are collected daily. The delivery of the order from our online shop will take place a.s.a.p. upon receipt of the amount due.
The shipping costs are calculated per shipment, not per item.
If you have ordered a so-called "action" article (identified by the red "aktie" bar on the picture), the delivery is free of shipment charge.
You can also choose to retrieve the ordered goods in the store (choose postage: retrieval in shop), and then the order is also free of shipment charge.
Retrieving your ordered goods can be done during our shops opening hours or at appointment.

How does the web shop work?
Under “Products” you see the main categories. Each main category has sub-categories or product lists. To the right of "Products" you can see in which category or list you are. You can choose the category here by clicking on it.

Search products?
In the main screen of the web shop you can give in a search term (above right).
You can at best keep your search simple, so you get more articles in return. If you retrieve too many articles, make your search more detailed.
If you click on an article, the details of that article will be showed. To go back to your search results, click on the “back” button.

How can I order?
In the product list you see the general product data. When you click on an article, the details for that article will be shown in your browser.
At the bottom of each article you can type the number of articles you want to order. To the right you find the button “shopping cart”. When you click on the “shopping cart” button, You open your shopping cart and see your ordered number of articles in your shopping cart. If you want to order other articles, click on the “back” button. When you are done with choosing your articles, you can click on the “order” button, to place your order.
You will now enter the first of four screens in the order procedure.
Order screen 1:
Here you must choose your country for the delivery of the ordered articles. Secondly you choose your shipping method. The shipping method depends on the measurements of the ordered articles in cumulatively. Is the parcel to large for your letterbox you have to choose the shipping method “package post”.  PLEASE NOTE: when ordering a so called “Aktie” article, which you can recognize from the red banner on the article photo, you choose “Action” as your shipping method, so you don’t have to pay shipping costs.
When you want to retrieve the ordered articles in our shop, you choose for the shipping method “retrieval in shop”. You don’t have to pay for shipping costs. You can make an appointment for retrieving your ordered articles, as soon as we handled your order..
There is momentarily one way of paying for your order, that is payment in advance to account number  NL44 INGB 0000 2702 46.
When you click the “next” button, you will see screen 2 of the order procedure.
Here you find a list of the ordered articles. Look if this list is correct. If you want to change an item, click on the “back” or “cancel order” button. Otherwise fill in the asked data. If you have comment or a question, you can place it here. Don’t forget to accept the “General sales conditions”.  Click on the “next” button.
You will now see screen 3 of the order procedure.
This is the overview of your order. Look if everything is correct. If you want to change an item, click on the “back” or “cancel order” button. IF everything is correct, click the “Send order” button to place your order.
The last screen of the order procedure will show you our thanks and the right banking data for payment of the placed order. Wait with your payment until you have received our order confirmation.

We receive your order in our mail. You will receive a copy of this mail. After we agree with your placed order, we will send you a confirmation mail with the Total amount of the order based on the right shipping method.
As soon as the amount due is added to our account, we will send you your ordered articles.
You will be informed by mail when we have send your order. When the order is send by package post, you will receive the Track&Trace number, so you can track your order.

We hope you have a lot of shopping pleasure by visiting our web shop.