June 17th, 2017 Blog: Building dolls house The Magpies part 2

Now only the hinges for the roof must be screwed on. Below is a picture of the hinges, screws and magnet delivered in this kit.

We start with fixing the hinges at the bottom of the roof component of the Doll House. We found this the easiest way to do it, with the back of the House on the surface. This is the best way to screw in the screws in a right angle.

The part with the 3 holes comes at the bottom of the roof, with the corner facing up. Place the hinge at the height of the slot for the lead of the ceiling light, that is made in the roof. Thus, the distance between the two hinges is equal. First, create with a prime, a ferret driller or a thin nail (with hammer) small shallow holes on the place where the 3 screws for the hinge in the bottom of the roof have to be placed. This is intended as a beginning, so the screws can be screwed in the right angle.

The roof comes with the edge to the round part of the hinge. Ask someone to help with this. Someone who holds the roof panel in the right place. Then you can draw the holes for the hinges on the roof. Make small shallow holes for the screws. Then, the roof can be screwed on.

There are two hinges and the magnet, which should be placed on the front panel. We don't do that now. We let the front panel separate. Later on can be decided on which side the hinges and magnetic will be placed. This can be done on either side.