June 10th, 2017 Blog: Building dolls house The Magpies

Part 3, June 10th, 2017:

Today we are going to place the floors and the room walls in the House. We do this not in the order of the manual, because that doesn't work well in practice. The problem is that the components should be placed in slots. As a result, these components larger than the space between the plates. Therefor you can not easily place the components without damage in the right plates.

We start with the first glued part of the House, such as the last time was put together (step 5).

We place this part with the side of the House on the surface and try if the roof components fit an a good and right manner in the slots. If the roof components have a good match on all sides, this part can then be disassembled. Now fill the slots in the back and side plates of the House, where this roof components will be placed, with wood glue. Regularly lubricate the wood glue with a brush. Now the roof component can be placed. Strengthen the connections with masking tape, so that the assembled parts can dry well.

Let this dry for an hour.

Now we can proceed with placing the inside parts of the House. To start we are going to place the middle partition of the shop on the ground floor and the partition on  the first floor.

We begin with the middle partition for the shop (step 10) and placing of the first floor (step 7), where the second floor and the second side wall have not yet been posted. First dry place the parts for the right fitting. Make sure that the House lies with the back on the surface. Place the platter, that later (step 9) will be glued at the underside of the bottom, in the middle under the back of the House. This serves to fill the space between the back wall and the surface, when the House is placed on it's back side. 
Important now is to see if all the parts are easy to place and fit in the right places. Place the middle partition with the bottom side into the slot on the bottom plate. Now place the first floor Board into the slot on the rear wall and the side wall. Make sure that the top of the middle partition of the shop fits into the slot at the under side of the first floor. If all went well, the first parts are on the right place. Place with a pencil near both sides of the middle partition of the shop a line on the rear panel of the House.
This helps with glueing this partition in the right angle to the rear panel.

Disassemble the parts and apply glue into the slot on the bottom panel where the middle partition for the store has to be placed. Also apply glue to the side of the middle partition of the shop, that will be glued to the back wall of the House. Regularly lubricate the wood glue with a brush. Fit the middle partition of the shop in its right place. Also apply glue to the slot at the rear panel, where the first floor will be placed. Regularly lubricate the glue again. Place the first floor.