June 5th, 2017 Blog: Building dolls house The Magpies

Part 2, June 5th, 2017:

Today we continue with the assembly of the components. A few general rules for building a Doll House. First fit the parts, you want to assemble without glue. So you can find out the right way and order to place all the parts. In practice the order of the instructions isn't  always the right order. This is also the case with this House. In the course of building this  house this will turn out and practice often leaves a better way. Another point is painting of the parts in advance. Some spots are not good to edit (e.g. the framework), after they have been put together. These components can be painted than the best, before they are posted. Look out for damaging the newly-applied paint. For our house here applies that we will build this House as an example for in the store. The House has to be sold and therefore we leave it unpainted. Parts that are not needed to be glued we fasten using folded adhesive tape. This can later be removed easily and without damaging the wood.

Today we are going to start with putting together the dormer windows. They have to be glued.

First the sides (step 33) will be bonded with the window. Nest the roof part of the dormer window can be glued. Do this for both windows. Let the glue dry.

After about 40 minutes (glued with the in the kit attached wood glue) the dormer windows can be glue to the roof (Step 35). We do the fastening of the windowframe part (Step 36) with double folded adhesive tape. The plastic window can best be assembled and glued after the window frame is painted.

The roof with the glued dormer windows can dry.